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New Sideshow 59 Song, "Vertrag!" 

 Hey people!  As promised, we have just finished putting together the newest song off of Sideshow 59's second album, "Free Admission Vol. II."  It's called, "Vertrag," and you can find it over on the Free Admission Vol. II page!   Go check it out, and as always, we love feedback.   Thank you all for everything you do!   - Kodi Vanei, Sideshow 59 

Update - June 2013 

 Hello people,   Now that we've finally found a few minutes away from the daily grind, we thought we'd write up a bit of an update to let you all know what's been happening here at D.i.D.    - First, there are a few updates on the progress of Sideshow 59's next album Free Admission Vol. II. There are now five new songs that have gone into production for the album: Vertrag Calloused … Read more

Some New Stuff for 2013 

 What's going on, people?!  It's been a hell of a busy year so far!  So lets dive right in:   Sideshow 59 now has a track list of six songs for their newest album, "Free Admission Vol. II."  The list includes:  Alpha (Stay Hungry)Fortissimo Blink, Alice Odium Dedica Relapse All six songs are available for streaming on the Sideshow 59 profile page; however, none of… Read more

Sideshow 59 - Free Admission Vol. I Complete / Potential Radio Play 

Well it has, indeed, been quite a while since we've had any news to report for you, our D.i.D listeners, but fret no more - there are a couple of new things to hold your fancy!   First and foremost,  Sideshow 59 has completed their first album, "Free Admission:  Vol. I" and as promised, it is available both for streaming here on the website, or free download… Read more

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