Sideshow 59 NEW ALBUM "Tainted" available 03/02/2020

The release of Sideshow 59's third studio album, "Tainted" is so close we can tasted it.  With three days until the release we have never been more excited!  This is the first time in the bands history that an entire…

Sideshow 59 - Live @ Santa Fe Harley-Davidson

Hey people, 

Sideshow 59 played a charity event for the Keep Santa Fe Beautiful foundation in Santa Fe, NM at the Santa Fe Harley-Davidson dealership this passed weekend.  Many thanks to those who stopped by to rock out and…


Sideshow 59 New Albums

Ladies and gentlemen - Kodi and Loki have been busy since the completion of SS59's Vol. II:  

Loki has been writing for the next album, "Loki's Verse," for which both Kodi and Loki have completed recording for the first track…

D.i.D Updates - End of the Year

Hello people,  

It's been a while since we've gotten the chance to update you all on the happenings here at D.i.D Productions so lets jump right in!  

First and foremost, Sideshow 59 finished has released their second album Free Admission

Update - June 2013

 Hello people,  

Now that we've finally found a few minutes away from the daily grind, we thought we'd write up a bit of an update to let you all know what's been happening here at D.i.D.  

 - First,…

Some New Stuff for 2013

 What's going on, people?!  It's been a hell of a busy year so far! 

So lets dive right in:  

Sideshow 59 now has a track list of six songs for their newest album, "Free Admission Vol. II."  The…