November 2011 Updates

Just a quick update for the month of November -

We have finally gotten the CrackaJack page up and functioning perfectly.  However, it is nowhere near completed.  At present, there are only two (of nine) albums up and available…

Aaannddd... We're Back!

Hello again people! 

As you may no doubt have noticed - the site is now officially live again.  At the moment the only music profiles that are up and functioning correctly are the Kodi Vanei and the Sideshow 59

New Website System


As those of you who frequent our website may have noticed, quite a few changes have been made to increase both its efficiency and navigation.  Here is a short list of the changes you may notice: 

New Layout

Chrome and Firefox Bug/Music Downloads

It has been brought to our attention that users browsing with Google Chrome and Firefox are having trouble accessing the Forums - rest assured, this issue is on its way to being rectified. We will be working all this week…