1. Dedica

From the recording Free Admission Vol. II


Waiting on the day 
to whisk away into the night
I am not afraid  
Not away
I am everything in being 
when I'm nothing kept in mind 
I don't need to stay 
I'm awake 
The evening has become a dream 
I've always kept denied 
I have no restraint
I'm awake 
If I could sit and stay a while 
I would dream with you all night 
I will stay awake 
With no restraint 
Will you sing to me, in spite of me 
about the life that we could see  
If we could be, believe with me 
when all we are is all we'll be 
Will you swear to me, despite the need 
to keep the air we'll never breathe 
Believe in me to finally see 
that all I want will always be